Chidao Doctrine

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Chidao Doctrine

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We, the Chidao Emperor, sole and absolute ruler over the Jingdaoese Empire, Light of Heavens, send greetings to our servants.

We issue the following military doctrine, which adds to the venerable Sheng Doctrine.
  1. That the efforts of the Jingdaoese Armed Forces are to be limited to the direct protection of Jingdaoese territory, as recognized by the MCS, and Jingdaoese shipping. Conditional support is given to the allies of the empire. Only in retaliation for an attack on Jingdaoese soil, Jingdaoese shipping, or the soil or shipping of its allies, will Jingdao deploy its military to other sovereign states.
  2. That the Jingdaoese Armed Forces will refrain from aggressive posturing, but will show their capability to respond to external and internal aggression.
  3. That the Jingdaoese Armed Forces will refrain from producing and using nuclear and biological weapons, or the indiscriminate use of land mines in areas accessible to civilians and that in war time civil casualties be avoided when possible.
  4. That the efforts of the Jingdaoese Armed Forces when deployed should be directed towards restoring order and loyalty towards the Heavenly Light and the removal of unhelpful elements.
  5. That the Jingdaoese Empire requires of its allies to act in accordance with established norms of international conduct, and also refrain from aggressive posturing and unhelpful or subversive behaviour towards actors of third states, such as piracy and the instigation of rebellions.
Done by our hand in the daor 465 EGA,
in the Chidao month of the year 1689,

Light of Heavens

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