Neridia Defense Industries (NDI)

The Free and Imperial City of Lindström is the capital region of the Natopian empire.

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Neridia Defense Industries (NDI)

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Establishment name: Neridia Defense Industries (NDI)
Establishment primary location: Triegon, Natopia
Establishment secondary locations: Redquill, Natopia; Dos Gardenias, Natopia; Frenzyville, Natopia; Lindstrom, Natopia.
Establishment head entity: President and Chief Executive Officer Janus Eadric
Establishment trade: Manufacturing and sales of weapons and military technology
Number of employees paid by the establishment: 100,000
Establishment Seal or Stamp:
His Serene Highness
Prince of the Most Serene Union of Thalassa, Neridia, Istvanistan, and St. Andre
Member of the Central Committee of Edgards

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