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General Information of the Republic of Coria

A sovereign republic ruled by a benevolent military junta kicks ass.
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General Information of the Republic of Coria

Post by Verion » Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:36 pm

Coat of arms of the Republic of Coria

Full name: Republic of Coria
Motto: "Libertas per Unitatem" (Liberty through Unity)
Anthem: -
Demonym: Corian, Coric
Language: none official
Capital: Port Arenas
Large Cities: Liberta, Nova Pentyre

Government: Council for National Unity
Type of government: Military Junta
Head of State: President Jack Verón
Legislature: Council for National Unity

Foundation: 5015
Kingdom of Coria: 5631
Republic of Coria: 5637

Area: 32,500 Km2
Population: 132,000
Etnicity: 49% Batavian, 43% Calbain, 8% mixed/other

Currency: Ore
Religion: Predominantly secular, Catologism
Patron Saint: St. Michael (unofficial)

National animal: Penguin
National dish: Fish
National drink: Merlot


The Republic of Coria is an island nation in southern Micras. The island is a part of the continent of Corum. The nation is located close to the antarctic and therefore has a cold climate. However, a warm ocean current makes the climate in the coastal area somewhat milder.

Most of Coria is covered with mountain ranges and barren plains. The majority of the population resides in cities and towns located on the coast.

The South of Coria is covered with glaciers and fjords, and the largest part of Southern Coria is incorporated in the Thoje National Park.


Coria is ruled by a military Junta named the Council for National Unity. The junta rose to power in a rebellion against King de Montfort, who ruled the nation as a tyrant. De Montfort was disposed in a palace revolution, leaving the leadership of the nation to a group of generals forming the council.

Although Coria is a dictatorship and is vehemenently non-democratic, personal liberty and economic liberalism are cornerstones of the republic.

1.Eki Aholibamah Verion, Queen of the Holy Realm of the Faithful Tribes of the Great North, Countess of Illumination and Cimmeria, Minister for the Interior and Deputy Minister for Military Affairs
2. Michael Verion, Imperial General and Landsraadsperson
3. Ludovic Verion, Lord of Blackstone and Governor-General of the Iron Company
4. Jeremy Harwinsson Archer, super sleuth

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