Registry of Tribes

The varied tribes all share one thing in common: reindeer herding. Collectively they form the Nation. Tribes range from the shamanistic Tuktu to the colorful Boazi.

Registry of Tribes

Postby Orion on Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:13 am

The Reindeer Herder Nation is currently comprised of the following registered tribes:

Nation: Tuktuvut (Inuit equivalent)
Demonym: Tuktu
Cultural Center: Elkheim

Nation: Briezugale (Sami/Baltic equivalent)
Demonym: Boazi
Cultural Center: Kotihavn

Nation: Tiya (Nenets-Nganasan equivalent)
Demonym: Tiyet
Cultural Center: Siyraya

Nation: Cairndeir (Scottish equivalent)
Demonym: Deirfolk
Cultural Center: Ardclach
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