Haigui Channel Project

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Haigui Channel Project

Postby Hadrian Myksos » Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:22 pm

The north of Jingdao has been for a long period of time uncivilised territory. It was not till the latter days of the pre-Myksos Dynasties that larger cities were build in the counties which were Kitanus Fields (now Garllic Fields) and Dalmacija. Wars devastated most of the cities and brought back the barbarity to - mainly - Garllic Fields. While the region around Lake Christoph has a large amount of resources which could be used for the glory of the Jingdaoese Empire, transportation via the Antya River is time consuming and sometimes even dangerous. The train network is also unreliable (and now, with the rebels owning the mountain passes in Central Kildare it's not going to improve).

I therefore propose that we create the Haigui Channel, named after our current Heavenly Light, the divine Haigue Emperor. This will allow us to better exploit the natural riches of the country and motivate colonisation to those backward northern provinces.

Hadrian Myksos

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