Newspaper headlines 173 EGA

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Newspaper headlines 173 EGA

Post by Raz » Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:14 pm


Twelve members of an activist group, calling themselves "rawfoodists" that advocated the abolition of cooked foods have been arrested and questioned by the Federal Carabineers yesterday. The activists had been caught handing out flyers which detailed the reasons to adopt their way of sustenance. Spokeswoman Andrea Römertopf from the Federal Carabineers has issued a statement that the freedom of opinion is respected by the Federal Carabineers but that certain rules have to be followed. Discussion on the sustenance methods of the Island Federation should be held in the universities of Hau, Pua and Lichtstadt where academics can provide counter-arguments so a better understanding is gained. Spreading ideas on the street encourages ideologies which can provide interesting soundbites but have no real substance or are based on outdated understandings of science. Federal Carabineers released the activists after they signed a declaration that they regretted their actions and paid a fine of 500¤.


According to a press release by Secretary Peter Laidon of the Islands, the reforms of the sustenance industry (NVRV172E) ordered by the Federal Council and Federal Chancellor Jing Xing III are proceeding according to plan. It is expected that all meat-producing facilities will have shutdown in 174 EGA, imports of meat have already stopped completely. Resistance to the measure was anticipated and scientists of the University of Pua were ordered to make a computer model that could forecast were rebellions would take place. During a protest of meat eaters on a square in Simonshavn, Federal Carabineers were able to remotely open containers with sleeping gases that they had installed weeks before the protests. The protesters were brought over to the hospital and diagnosed with querulancy by the mental institute of Simonshavn, they were cured by a two-month program of rational-emotional behavior therapy. The Federal Institute of Mental Sciences has since created a booklet which informs those upset by the sustenance reforms how they can best express their anger, suggestions include: writing letters to the Federal Council, which are then to be burned instead of being sent. Sufferers should realize that it is not the reforms that are at fault, but that they are suffering from adaptive stress which will fade in time.
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