Request to the Foreign Min.: Possible Diplomatic Assistance

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Request to the Foreign Min.: Possible Diplomatic Assistance

Postby Wil » Wed May 17, 2017 11:18 pm

Greetings Minister,

I trust things are going well in Craitland's beautiful and historic capital city.

New Vaduz has been relatively uneventful lately except for
our notable resident Thadeus Laing's apparent problems accessing
some of his money through the SCUE bank.

Upon Mr. Laing's request, I tasked our Chief of Police Gothule
Ketchemahl, a 27 year veteran of the force, to investigate
and bring this issue to a resolution.

Unfortunately, Chief of Police Ketchemahl has informed me that
the authorities in Shireroth, after first seeming to mistake a
subpoena for documents for an extradition request, seem to be moving
very slowly, too slowly, on getting the requested documents.

The documents are in the possession of Minister of Military Affairs of
Shireroth, Daniyal Sikander Dravot
, of residence in Cabbagefall, Goldshire.
The Minister of Military Affairs is not himself a suspect at this time, but
he has made a comment (on Discord chat) that would seem to indicate

Daniyal Sikander Dravot, Minister of Military Affairs, Shireroth wrote:
"finger hovers over the delete account button." -- 7:22 AM May 17th

The comment was made after Mr Thadeus Laing had presented a summary,
in the chat session, of Chief of Police's recent subpoena request to Shireroth
for the documents.

Due to the slowness in Shireroth in procuring these documents from
Minister Sikander Dravot, as well as Minister Sikander Dravot's own threatening
comment towards Mr Laing made after informing him of request for documents,
I hereby humbly request diplomatic assistance from the Ministry in regards to
procuring the documents.
The documents request under the subpoena to
Minister Sikander Dravot may be viewed here:


Perhaps the authorities in Shireroth are understaffed. Perhaps Minister
Sikander Dravot is merely being flippant or reveling in his power as SCUE
Admin. The causes for Shireroth's slow progress in this matter not yet known.
In any case The Chamber of Commerce of New Vaduz is watching this closely
in hopes of a swift resolution.

Thank you for your assistance.


Wil Laing
Lord Mayor of New Vaduz
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Re: Request to the Foreign Min.: Possible Diplomatic Assista

Postby Wil » Thu May 18, 2017 1:10 am

I also affix the following response to our Chief of Police in Shireroth:


The SCUE Administrator has apparently received our subpoena request and, summarily, completely rejected it.
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Re: Request to the Foreign Min.: Possible Diplomatic Assista

Postby Craitman » Thu May 18, 2017 7:46 pm

I'd like to enquire what your expectations are for the Craitish authorities' potential involvement in this issue. Given that our nation has never had dealings with the SCUE, we have zero jurisdiction over its business, nor do we have the power to oblige its administrators to enact requests.

I would like to remind you that Discord is best not used for quoting in matters such as this. There is no reliability of confirmation that the person sending that message is who you have said it is. Of course, as well as an unconfirmed origin of message, context is considerably important - having viewed the same chat logs, it would appear you have admitted to the Laing family having undertaken Mafioso techniques in the past; something which would certainly pay you no favours in this situation. Should we agree that melding official, public business and private, personal conversations are a dead duck of an approach?

As neither the SCUE nor the Shirerithian authorities - which may or may not even have any relevant powers - are not willing to engage in accommodating your appeals, with the former even stating that it itself is a "finished" entity, I would advocate a direction of cutting one's losses and advancing with other, more fruitful endeavours...
Craitman H. Pellegrino, King of Craitland
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Re: Request to the Foreign Min.: Possible Diplomatic Assista

Postby Thadeus Laing » Thu May 18, 2017 8:04 pm

Greetings Your Highness,

I do hope all is well in the capital and that you reside in utter
splendor and serenity among many friends.

(My apologies to Wil for interjecting in this matter. But after all,
it was I who moved the Laings to New Vaduz in the first place.)

- What are our expectations? Diplomatic pressure on Shireroth
to force Mr Sikander Dravot to hand over the papers would be
the main expectation. I understand you have no power to do
so. However I do think there might be quivers in your diplomatic
corps that could be used.

- We can see the vaguery of Mr Sikander Dravot's comment on
Discord, but we do believe it was made directly in response to our
subpoena response. In any case, his later forum statements have
confirmed his non-cooperative position.

- As for 'Mafioso techniques' of the Laing family-I also said in
that comment that they were from centuries past. At least
since about eight hundred years ago, no Laing has killed anyone,
not even in self defense.

[Inside comment]That Taurus Zeene fellow sometimes
goes around spreading stories, but as of right now he is
definitely alive and well![/inside comment]

As to your last comment; thankfully Craitland has a wise king.
Although we maintain our request for assistance for the time being,
indeed the Laing family will follow your wise advice and research
SCUE alternatives and use them until the issues with SCUE are resolved.

I also hear from Kelii K'aarve that they too are willing to have
Ergonia branch out to non-SCUE banks. However I don't really
interact with the Ergonians much these days. [They are evolving
into a separate storyline.]

Continuing to Endeavor to be Your Humble Servant,

Thadeus Laing on behalf of the Laing Family
Thadeus Laing
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