Treaty of Association, Talenore

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Treaty of Association, Talenore

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Following private discussions, I hereby propose the following treaty to the President of Talenore:

The Government of the Kingdom of Craitland and the Government of the State of Talenore, desirous of strengthening the bond of peace which happily prevails between them, by arrangements designed to promote friendly intercourse between their respective territories and desirous of maintaining political stability on the island of Talenore, have resolved to conclude a Treaty of Association for that purpose;

Article 1 - Association:
1.1. The State of Talenore vests in the Kingdom of Craitland, for the duration of this treaty, all title, right and claim to all of Talenore, including its sovereignty. The territory of Talenore will as such be integrated into Craitland's protection.

1.2 The State of Talenore, under the protection of the Kingdom of Craitland, shall maintain separate executive, legislative and judiciary branches from those of Craitland, and relinquishes all control over the establishment of foreign relations to Craitland.

Article 2 - Friendship:
2.1. Citizens of the Kingdom of Craitland and the State of Talenore shall;

2.1.1. Be permitted to enter, travel and reside in the territories of the other; to exercise liberty of conscience and freedom of worship; to engage in professional, scientific, religious, philanthropic, manufacturing and commercial work of every kind without interference; to carry on every form of activity which is not forbidden by the local law, and generally to do anything incidental to or necessary for the enjoyment of any of the foregoing privileges upon the same terms as nationals of the State of residence, submitting themselves to all local laws and regulations duly established, as may be determined by the duly constituted authority;

2.1.2. Enjoy freedom of access to the courts of justice of the other on conforming to the local laws, as well for the prosecution as for the defence of their rights, and in all degrees of jurisdiction established by law, subject to the will of the duly constituted authority;

2.1.3. Receive within the territories of the other, upon submitting to conditions imposed upon its nationals, the most constant protection and security for their persons and property, subject to the will of the duly constituted authority;

2.1.4. In all instances the the duly constituted authority shall be deemed to be the King of Craitland.

2.2. Citizens of the Kingdom of Craitland and State of Talenore in the exercise of the right of freedom of worship, within the territories, may, without annoyance or molestation of any kind by reason of their religious belief or otherwise, conduct services either within their own houses or within any appropriate buildings which they may be at liberty to erect and maintain in convenient situations, provided their teachings or practices are not contrary to public morals.

Article 3 - Termination:
3.1. This treaty is concluded for an indefinite period of time. It may however be terminated by the declaration of the State of Talenore subject to a fourteen day notice period. Notice shall be taken to be a written instruction from the President of Talenore to the King of Craitland notifying the latter of an intention to quit from the treaty. This notice may be given at any time.

3.2. Once terminated, Craitland relinquishes, in favour of the President of Talenore, all title, right and claim to Talenore including the exercise of sovereignty over Talenore.

Article 4 - Final Provisions:
4.1. Subject to any limitation or eception herein above set forth, or hereafter to be agreed upon the territories of the Negotiating States to which the provisions of this Treaty extend shall be understood to comprise all areas of land, water, and air over which the Parties respectively claim and exercise dominion as sovereign thereof, either internally or on the Micronational Cartography Society Map.

4.2. The present Treaty shall be ratified, and the ratifications thereof shall be exchanged in Talenore as soon as possible.

4.3. The present Treaty shall, from the date of the exchange of ratifications be deemed legally binding on both the Kingdom of Craitland and State of Talenore.

4.4. This treaty may only be amended by the mutual consent and ratification by the King of Craitland and President of Talenore.

4.5. Any disagreements regarding the application of this treaty and/or any disputes arising through this treaty that cannot be solved through mutual agreement will be settled within an international court as impartial mediator.

Having resolved the conclude this treaty and for that purpose sign to indicate acceptance as follows:

For the Kingdom of Craitland:
King Craitman
King of Craitland


For the State of Talenore:
Malliki Nur Pinito
President of Talenore

Craitman H. Pellegrino, King of Craitland
Administrator General of the MCS
FMF President
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Re: Treaty of Association, Talenore

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