Republic of Inner Benacia

The Republic of Inner Benacia (also known as RIB) is a recently established country in the previously ungoverned area between Kalgachia, Mishalan and Lywall. Established as a peace agreement by various ethnoreligious fractions in 1659, the new government hopes to establish a peace between the different ethnic groups of the troubled area, so as to allow them to better resist the repeated incursions of their rapacious neighbour.
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  • The Dolmen
    A ruling council composed of delegates from each of the major ethnic groups in the RIB, acts as a combined executive and legislative body.
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  • Inner Benacian Force
    Following the demobilisation of the Ćyg°e X°ymenym pai Leg°ege (Association for the Home Defence), the protection of peace and security in Inner Benacia has become the responsibility of the Inner Benacian Force (IBFOR), an international force under the leadership of the Raspur Pact.
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  • Ketekgorod
    A fortified settlement and bazaar set inside the ruins of an unknown Ashkenatzim town, optimistically renamed as Ketekgorod in honour of the Goldshirian used car salesmen who established a colony there. Possibly the safest place for foreigners visiting Inner Benacia. (Trade and diplomacy can happen here, mostly without fear of kidnapping)
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