Mahapur Stock Exchange: Open for Trading!

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Mahapur Stock Exchange: Open for Trading!

Postby Thadeus Laing » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:47 am



The Mahapur Stock Exchange is now open for trading with an innovative
concept: a bank account has been created with access by Andreas the
Wise, 1 representative from the international community, 1 representative
elected by the members of the stock exchange, and ministries of finance
around the globe. This bank account will be used for trades and transactions
related to trading only. This account can be audited by the authorities so will
never be any question of to whom money was sent or whether or
not it was received. Also the creation of the account will make it possible
to interface with a better stock exchange bank mod in the future, if one
becomes available.

The Mahapur Stock Exchange, while based in Aryasht and subject to Aryashti
laws, is not an Aryasht run organization. It is an international organization that
is formed as an incorporated non-profit. Once other nations' laws are "up to snuff"
we may consider relocating if it is more beneficial.

To sell stock, someone can simply send money to an account called "MSE" on the SCUE
bank and put in the comment "Sell X shares of company Y to account Z" and we'll
handle the rest! Remember, international auditors and ministries of finance will have
the FULL right to view the transactions (actually making transactions will be
handled by the Director General of the Exchange or an assigned deputy).

Also, note that stock does have to be formally listed on the exchange to be traded
using the MSE brokerage account and the location of the stock is in Aryasht. While
the property is of course owned by the stockholder, it is subject to Aryasht personal
property laws.

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