Note - Andreas resigning as SCUE Administrator

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Note - Andreas resigning as SCUE Administrator

Postby Andreas the Wise » Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:30 pm

I'm just going to post a link here as that will mean a bunch of member nations will notice it. Discussion and particularly nominations should occur in the thread.
The character Andreas the Wise is on indefinite leave. But he does deserve a cool war ribbon.
However, this account still manages:
Vincent Waldgrave - Lord General of Gralus
Manuel - CEO of VBNC. For all you'll ever need.
Q - Director of SAMIN
Duke Mel'Kat - Air Pirate, Melangian, and Duke of the Flying Duchy of Glanurchy
Cla'Udi - Count of Melangia
Vur'Alm Xei'Bôn - Speaker of Nelaga, Minister of Interior Affairs, and a Micron
Andreas the Wise
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