Haifa: Companies Needed

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Haifa: Companies Needed

Postby Martin » Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:33 am

Today Official Paladino spoke to the public about ushering in a new era of economic activity to the city. His brief speech stated:

"I come to you today with a move that will revolutionize the way Haifans see Keybir-Aviv's economic potential. I propose opening up our minute business district and bringing in more foreign companies that might not be the biggest but are looking to grow as well as bigger companies based in Haifa. Recently my department has been in talks with several companies, and we will hopefully secure the membership of those companies into the KA Economic Sphere. This initiative will hopefully create a multitude of new jobs, especially for the people of Keybir. I think we can say that Keybir-Aviv is heading in the right direction, and this will definitely help."

So basically, Keybir-Aviv is the second largest city in a new nation called Haifa. It's looking to expand its economic sector, and feels that some companies on these forums are right for the job. If you are interested, pm me and I will fill you in with the details.

-City Official Paladino of Keybir-Aviv

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