Malarbor says: The so-called War of Nicki's Minaj has shuddered to a halt in the face of the Mingshi Emperor's "ingenious" defensive strategy of having his defenders commit suicide under the supervision of omnipresent meditative monks, before deleting the evidence in a fit of pique. The Emperor and the returning Diwang then mutually suicided each other bringing us up to the present stalemate. The Alexandrian's have liberated Penguin Island while the Realm of Passio-Corum has placed a sizeable slice of Jingdao's oversea's territory under its own "protection". To accommodate all of these occurrences within a single narrative, where Jingdao is somehow utterly triumphant, has resulted in a display of sophistry that is quite dazzling in its dissonant brilliance. We welcome the advent of the curiously familiar sounding Kuominliantang and the fantastical efforts of an empire to appropriate for itself the rhetorical mantle of anti-imperialism. The only people who are fooled are the ones who want to be fooled (hello, Jack).

Elsewhere the Kaiseress has departed for Athlon on "family business", leaving the somewhat disengaged Steward Dravot in charge once again. As for the nature of that family business, while it is not Malarbor's place to pass judgement (it ought to be though) it does appear that once again, a Kalirion has allowed sentiment to overcome judgement and that a massacre will inevitably ensue. Let's be honest, the only plot twist will be if the daft mare survives.

Meanwhile, there are strange burbling noises emanating from Amokolia. Malarbor assumes that the Nordic yokels are drunk again.
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 Post subject: Noor and Liv
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After Aldin’s passionate plea for mercy over the fate of his brother Adam, Noor’s feelings were conflicted. She could find nothing redeeming in Adam any more. He was evil incarnate. To add to the injury, whenever she saw Adam, she saw the faces of Arn and Rostam in him. And whenever she looked at Aldin, she saw Adam. Those horrible feelings in her heart would not go away. And, she thought, they would not go away even after Adam’s burning on the stake.

Perhaps, after all, she could heed the words of Aldin. Adam is Aldin’s only full sibling, and as monozygotic twins (or quadruplets… were it not for the deaths of Arn and Rostam), they share a bond. To kill Adam would to go against Aldin, perhaps in ways that to him would be unforgiveable.

Noor walked around the Keep. It had taken some time to get used to the new dwellings. She did not particularly like it very much, though the bagh of Aurefiction always gave her peace as she strolled around it. She decided now that she would meet Liv, Adam’s wife, for the first time.

As things had turned out, Liv had not been on Noor’s mind. They, having been friends for decades, still had not talked since before the Oustfest Massacre. There were rumours that Liv hade been taken by Adam by force, but other rumours said that she willingly joined him, that she truly loved and worshipped him.

Liv was officially a guest in the Keep, but unofficially placed under house arrest.

As Noor entered Liv’s room, Liv stood up in respect, curtsied deeply, and remained silent. Noor was shocked to see Liv highly pregnant. There had been no reports of that. She decided not to speak of it immediately, but offered Liv some tea. The next half hour was simply small talk, of how Liv found the Keep, if she was comfortable and so on.

Finally, she asked Liv about the pregnancy. Liv told her that the child was Adam’s, and that the child was expected any time now. Adam had only taken Liv to his bed in the two weeks following the Oustfest Massacre, until he found other diversions, but had still ordered Liv to marry him. Liv had not understood why, but she assumed Adam had known about the pregnancy very early on. Noor then realised that Liv had not been a willing party to any sexual or marital relations with Adam – her fate was simply forced upon her.

As to Adam’s fate, Liv said that the matter would entirely be in the hands of Noor, as mother, queen and kaiseress. Whatever Noor would decide, Liv would, as a loyal subject, support with her heart and soul.

“I’ve decided to burn him on the stake,” Noor said.

Liv’s eyes started crying. Was it out of pain, or relief?

“But Aldin begs for his mercy…”

Liv’s crying went more, and she began shaking. A few moments later, Liv was in a full-blown panic attack, and medics were called in.

To make matters no easier, Liv’s water broke, and twelve hours later, at the clinic in Raynor’s Keep, Liv gave birth to Noor’s grandchild, a boy.

Kaiseress of Shireroth

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