Malarbor Says
Malarbor says: A new Charter has been promulgated by the Kaiser, cementing the permanence of dynastic rule and the outcome of the Auspicious Occasion.The powers of the regency have been invested in the Imperial Advisory Council and the Steward, Liv Dravot, now has one year remaining to her term after which elections for her successor must be held.

A number of overseas territories, including Ura'Bos, have been evacuated. Resources freed up by decolonisation have been invested into securing the Lywall protectorate, a buffer between Malarboria and the hostile environment of the inner Benacian Green.

The Elwynnese Monarchy has been abolished following the promulgation of a new republican constitution. The former King, Vilhjalm of Elwynn, continues in office as interim Prince. His successor will, in due course, be elected by the Elwynnese Senate. The exiled King Noah and his followers maintain their pretence to their former titles.

Daniyal Dravot, a veteran Elwynnese imperial minister, politician, businessman, and husband of the Steward, is suffering a grievous illness and, at ninety-four years of age, faces the looming spectre of Mors himself. Rather than accept the inevitable he has ventured on a pilgrimage into Brookshire in pursuit of longevity.

A dubious gentlemen, going by the moniker of Curt Kobain has been seen stalking the island of Yardistan, stoking the remembrance of a time when the isle was ruled by its own Anarch and generally asking "what the hell's happened to this place?" Observers are agreed that he is certainly curt.

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  • Mevwan Calendar

    Mevwan Calendar

    Postby Alicorn » Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:38 am

    12 months:


    Months are usually 30 days, except Snowmonth, which is 35 and occasionally 36 when this is called for to make the lunar and solar calendars match up.

    Weeks are five days long and named after colors. The standard set is Whiteday, Redday, Yellowday, Greenday, and Blueday, but various locales and subcultures prefer different colors for all days except the standard Whiteday (the most common alternate set is Whiteday, Grayday, Blackday, Brownday, and Silverday).
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    Re: Mevwan Calendar

    Postby Adelene » Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:53 am

    Mevwan uses the same year-numbers that are given in the early Autokrator's Addresses. This indicates that May 10th was year 1. The year that falls on a given date can be calculated here (enter May 9th as the start date or check the 'include end date' tickybox); the date of a given year can be calculated here (enter May 9th as the start date).
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    Re: Mevwan Calendar

    Postby Adelene » Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:54 am

    Dates of interest:

    Telolura was born in year -101.
    Lalinyo was born in year -94.
    Avana was born in year 11.
    Dell (Avana's pet skitterling) was born in year 28.
    Avana met Antil Xen of Kennerext in year 34.
    Drachumphan fell in year 36.
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