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Malarbor says: The so-called War of Nicki's Minaj has shuddered to a halt in the face of the Mingshi Emperor's "ingenious" defensive strategy of having his defenders commit suicide under the supervision of omnipresent meditative monks, before deleting the evidence in a fit of pique. The Emperor and the returning Diwang then mutually suicided each other bringing us up to the present stalemate. The Alexandrian's have liberated Penguin Island while the Realm of Passio-Corum has placed a sizeable slice of Jingdao's oversea's territory under its own "protection". To accommodate all of these occurrences within a single narrative, where Jingdao is somehow utterly triumphant, has resulted in a display of sophistry that is quite dazzling in its dissonant brilliance. We welcome the advent of the curiously familiar sounding Kuominliantang and the fantastical efforts of an empire to appropriate for itself the rhetorical mantle of anti-imperialism. The only people who are fooled are the ones who want to be fooled (hello, Jack).

Elsewhere the Kaiseress has departed for Athlon on "family business", leaving the somewhat disengaged Steward Dravot in charge once again. As for the nature of that family business, while it is not Malarbor's place to pass judgement (it ought to be though) it does appear that once again, a Kalirion has allowed sentiment to overcome judgement and that a massacre will inevitably ensue. Let's be honest, the only plot twist will be if the daft mare survives.

Meanwhile, there are strange burbling noises emanating from Amokolia. Malarbor assumes that the Nordic yokels are drunk again.

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  • Mevwan Foreign Policy [OOC]

    Mevwan Foreign Policy [OOC]

    Postby Alicorn » Sun May 22, 2011 6:21 am

    My policy on other players creating and using one-off Mevwani characters is this:

    - Help yourself to as many throwaway humans as you need, as long as it wouldn't have noticeable demographic effects on my population.

    - The Zaee are mine, and if you want any, you have to clear it with me.

    My policy on hijacking charcters I have created is:

    - You can cause Iriwande the Self-Appointed Minister of International Participation-in-Things (and just him, and later his replacement when he dies) to say innocuous things to move along a conversation which I have already had him start participating in.

    - If you want to initiate, not just continue, a conversation with the Mevwan government(s) and write both sides of it for a while instead of waiting for my reply, you need to be talking to an aide you invent for the purpose, not any character I have named; if you want a character I have named to talk then you have to actually write dialogue with me. Iriwande has unnamed human aides on his staff to keep in touch with the Avewe and staff on his behalf, so the "the Zaee are mine" policy continues to apply - use one of those unnamed aides for this purpose.

    - And don't be having conversations with Mevwan residents, however throwaway those residents, that are meant to have major effects on my statelet without my say-so. (For instance, do not invent a triple-type psion, because those are hella rare and would have an effect I'd have to deal with; do not hand them major technological insights they would be disposed to take home; do not use up the very limited supply of computers and AI chassis on projects of your own; etc.)

    My citizens are entitled to the control of their Mevwani characters (human and Zaee alike) and may create their own policies on the matter.
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    Re: Mevwan Foreign Policy [OOC]

    Postby Winged One » Mon May 23, 2011 1:04 am

    The policy on the use of my characters is the normal one within the Archipelago, but if I disappear for a week or more you may take total control of the character and I will consider myself to not have much recourse to change their actions when I get back except by asking politely. If you make my characters act out of character I will be very upset with you and may change this policy.
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    Re: Mevwan Foreign Policy [OOC]

    Postby Adelene » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:00 am

    Incidental use of my characters and other resources (mentioning them, having a character of yours pass through a place I own and interact briefly with NPC residents, having a character of mine make brief in-character statements, having one of your characters know someone from one of my places but having this be a minor part of your ongoing story) is fine in any case.

    If you would like to use my characters or resources more than incidentally, I would strongly prefer that you either 1) IM* me so that we can work out the details ahead of time or 2) run the finished piece by me before publishing it so that I can correct any inconsistencies or errors. (Preferably both, or at least the latter.)

    If you would like to make a major change to one of my characters (inflicting something traumatic on them, for example) or other resources, I expect to be checked with ahead of time and given the option to veto it, but I may still be interested in such a thing.

    If I disappear from the board, all of my holdings revert to Alicorn and are subject to her rules.

    * My IM of choice is Skype; I am adelene.dawner there.
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