Decree 007: Highfield to Vosenuvitia

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Decree 007: Highfield to Vosenuvitia

Postby Orion » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:19 pm


TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom these Presents shall come, His Majesty the Grand Prince sends greeting!

WHEREAS Vosenuvitia has developed into a regional identity, outpacing that of Highfield;

AND WHEREAS Vosenuvitia has shown, by its growth and development, itself to be worthy of its own territory;

AND FURTHER that the United Principalities have not been able to extend new land claims further north for the Vosenuvitians to settle;

LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWN that we, Aurelien the First, Prince of Rhaetia, do hereby decree that the region of Highfield is hereby granted to Vosenuvitia. Steeria shall remain its own principality;

AND BY THE AUTHORITY AFORESAID we do further decree that the name of Highfield shall be struck from the records of Treisenberg and replaced by Vosenuvitia, and that the Vosenuvitian government (Yulodion E'nothwocep) shall assume command of the region as an official principality.


Given by us at Alttreisen on the Twenty-Sixth Day of November in the Year Two Thousand and Seventeen,

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