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    Blyth Redvelopment Project

    Postby sick39ed » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:17 am

    The City of Blyth has been infamously been famous for 60% of its population living in shanty towns and of course, poverty.This is due to mass immigration after the city was founded. After lengthy discussions in the Florian Parliament, it has been announced that a project will be set up to reduce poverty in the city and redevelop the shanty towns currently there.
    In the project, 150 million FR Pounds will be spent to create mini apartments with facilities such as running water and electricity available. Other facilities such as play areas and basketball courts will be created.
    Phase One
    Drainage in the current shanty towns will be corrected and will cost and when completed, the residents will now be able to dispose of waste safely.
    Phase Two
    Electricity lines will be constructed and when complete, residents will be able to watch TV and other electronic devices without any safety hazards. Like the installation of the drainage systems, It will cost 5 million FR Pounds to install the electricity lines.
    Phase Three
    Proper roads will be created and the first mini apartment blocks will be created. This will be the most expensive phase so far as it will cost 50 million FR Pounds to do this operation.
    Final Phase
    The second batch of mini apartments will be built and residents will eventually move into them. Existing shanty houses will be demolished and cleanup will follow.
    It will cost the government 90 million FR Pounds to carry out the operation.
    The government will raise the current tax from 10 to 15%. VAT will be raised from 20% to 22%.#
    Final Outcome
    The houses from shanty towns will be transformed from this:
    To this
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    Re: Blyth Redvelopment Project

    Postby sick39ed » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:44 am

    Phase One has officially started. The operation is to finish in approx. 4 months.
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