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  • It is raining

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    It is raining

    Postby Alexander-Jozef Oranje » Fri May 19, 2017 7:59 pm

    Rain. It had been raining for the last two weeks, which was something quite usual here and especially during this time of the year. The locals were by no means surprised or unhappy of the situation, but the pouring water definitely had a negative effect on the Storish and Alexandrian researchers. They had arrived about three weeks ago for a project funded by the Imperial University of Alexandria. The programme of the Imperial University aimed to study and analyse the way of life of the Orangisten, particularly how they formed a working society in the Green. Initially communication with the local Orangisten population was quite difficult, but there also were locals of Storish and other heritage who were still knowledgable of other languages. Of course, one of the emerging problems was that there existed very few written documents apart from some city administrative papers. Moreover, due to the high number of people from other nationalities, predominantly Jingdaoese, Stormarkers and Alexandrians (and some Natopians and Shirerothians), words from different languages were often mixed with one another or altered as a result of poor accent or improper usage. That made the researchers' task ever more difficult in terms of understanding the language and also meant that the scope of the project had to be dramatically increased.

    As it happened, it included many observations, interviews, case studies, etc. During one of the staged interviews, the Storish and Alexandrian scientists slightly altered the conversation with their interviewee, who had hinted an interest of a good number of Orangisten in educating themselves properly and then expanding access to education generally. The man, named Alexander-Jozef, was in his early 20s and definitly stood out in the crowd - not only with his appearance, but knowledge of the extended world. He said he had attended a Storish high school, but the two researchers concluded there must be something more that had provided him with such broad knowledge of languages, politics, culture and science. "Well unfortunately our current programme is quite limited in terms of time and funding, but I guess we can let the university know of your ideas and see if they can be taken forward" the Alexandrian man said. If not, he thought, the programme can at least benefit substantially from absorbing knowledge and information about the Orangisten from a decent person, who is above all one of them.

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    Re: It is raining

    Postby Alexander-Jozef Oranje » Mon May 22, 2017 6:20 pm

    Another several weeks into the research, but this time with Alexander-Josef on board. He had proven himself quite beneficial and was one of few to know such detailed stories of the Orangisten's past. Not all of those were of interest for the research project conducted by the Imperial University of Alexandria, but he was nevertheless a source of relative information. It became a turbulent time as rumours were that a foreign nation may have eyes on the land - namely that Constancia, an Euran nation ruled by the Basileus, had requested that such claims be recognised by the Micronational Cartography Society. This came as a shock to many, including the Storish and Alexandrian researchers. They were assured, however, by their respective governments that this would cause no trouble for the researchers and their project. It was also, notably, fact that there were no Constancian military or other forces present as well as an exceptionally few local Constancians - 2, one of which was also half-Jingdaoese. For now, this was outside of the power and responsibility of a few scientists studying Green societies.

    Whether this claim, however, had influenced the decision of the Imperial University to not expand the project scope, or set up and entirely new project, for educating Orangisten. This notably had quite a negative effect on Alexander-Josef, who was not only disappointed but also considered his participation in the current project. "This is nevertheless an important step towards understanding your people and perhaps establishing some sort of a relationship with them", one researcher noted. After thinking about it, the the young Orangist opted out from abandoning the whole thing. But he requrested full access to every part of the project, including findings, notes and subsequent material, both published and unpublished. Since his knowledge of the language and culture of the locals was so valuable, the Alexandrian scientists had to consent and offer him a job as a "Communication and Development Specialist", a fancy title for a translator and storyteller.

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