Welcome to the Bastion Project, a center for interactive geofiction.

Interactive geofiction, also called "micronationalism", is a hobby based on designing and simulating cities, countries, and entire worlds. Unlike regular geofiction and conworlding, it contains elements of role-playing, wargaming, and model government.

The Bastion Project was set up to provide a home to all sorts of interactive geofiction projects. We currently host seven different countries:

  • The Gralan Empire, a chaotic land of magic
  • The Nelaga Territories, a techno-utopia built on flying islands
  • The Imperial Republic of Shireroth, a sprawling and diverse feudal monarchy
  • The Bovic Dominion of Natopia. Something about a cow made of butter or something?
  • The Republic of Antica, an anarcho-Syndicalist Commune, taking it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.
  • The Imperial State of Babkha. Always chaotic evil.
  • The Kingdom of Oscland. Rabbits, possibly in space.

We also host Archipelago, a development of the micronational concept that does away with some ancillary elements and focuses on the cultural development of small nation-states.

If you've got a creative streak, come in and participate.

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