Welcome to the Bastion Project, a center for interactive geofiction.

Interactive geofiction, also called "micronationalism", is a hobby based on designing and simulating cities, countries, and entire worlds. Unlike regular geofiction and conworlding, it contains elements of role-playing, wargaming, and model government.

The Bastion Project was set up to provide a home to all sorts of interactive geofiction projects. We currently host these countries:

The Imperial Republic of Shireroth, a sprawling and diverse feudal monarchy.
The Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation. We warmly embrace unique and distinctive cultures into our global pluralistic empire. Together we grow into something greater.
The Holy Grand Empire of Jingdao. An empire devoted to purity, the natural orders of being and (thus) complete obedience towards its Grand Emperor, the Heavenly Light.
Calbion. A noble and proud nation with a distinct Celtic culture.
Gwlad y Calbain, y tir fonheddig a balch gyda y diwylliant Celtaidd unigryw.
The Kingdom of Craitland: A peaceful and just society, unified by a shared passion for reverence, eccentricity and football.

If you've got a creative streak, come in and participate.

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